India’s 12th five year plan

By Helen Wright12 April 2011

Unparalleled expansion to India's power network, roads, railways, ports and airports is planned under the government's US$ 1 trillion 12th five year plan, fuelling India's potential to overtake Japan as the worlds' third largest construction market by 2018. Here is an overview of investment plans for key infrastructure sectors:


INR 245 billion (US$ 5.4 billion) investment over next five years
Major projects include expansion at Mumbai International Airport (total estimated cost US$ 2.1 billion), Delhi International Airport (total estimated cost US$ 2.8 billion) and Bengaluru International Airport (US$ 1.2 billion).


INR 838 billion (US$ 18.5 billion) investment over next five years
Figure includes INR 469 billion (US$ 10.4 billion) investment for 328 million tonnes of capacity increases at major ports such as Paradip, Visakhaptatnam and Channai by 2015.


INR 9.3 trillion (US$ 206 billion) investment over next five years, of which 63% for new generation
An average of 16 GW is planned to be added to the Indian national grid per year for the next five years. Of the total 82 GW that has been commissioned to 2015, more than 90% of projects have received regulatory clearances.
90% of new capacity is expected to be thermal, and the remainder hydro and nuclear-based.


INR 1.4 trillion (US$ 31 billion) investment over next five years, including INR 490 billion (US$ 10.8 billion) freight corridor
The Ministry of Railways Vision 2020 document forecasts that the Indian rail network will carry 15 million rail passengers and handle 1800 million tonnes of cargo traffic by 2020, compared to 8200 million and 887 million tonnes respectively in 2010.


INR 6.3 trillion (US$ 139 billion) investment over next five years. National highways comprise majority share (43%), state highways 30%, rural roads 27%
Public sector funding to account for 69% of road projects, remaining 31% financed by private sector.

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