Industry report number five for EDA

17 October 2019

The European Demolition Association (EDA), has published a new edition of its European Demolition Industry Report.

This is the fifth year of the report, which includes information on the evolution of and trends inthe demolition sector at European level and country by country.

EDA_industry_report_2019_Mockup_office web

The 2019 report includes the demolition industries of Denmark, Ireland and Russia for the first time

Through its Statistics Group, led by Andreas Pocha of the German Demolition Association, the EDA gathers information from contractors to provide a visual overview of Europe’s demolition industry from data gathered in the current year. It includes forecasts and specific information about the demolition activity given by the contractors themselves.

New questions have been introduced for the 2019 version, and three countries – Denmark, Ireland and Russia – are taking part for the first time

The European Demolition Industry Report 2019 includes comparisons with previous years and detailed information on:

• The general situation in the European demolition industry

• Volume of business

• Evolution of demolition activities

• Investment in demolition machinery, equipment and consumables.

Copies of the report are available online from the EDA.

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