Innovative truck mounts from CTE Bizzocchi

By Maria Hadlow08 September 2008

The Z21 mounted on a Nissan chassis is one of two innovative new truck -mounts that Bizzocchi will s

The Z21 mounted on a Nissan chassis is one of two innovative new truck -mounts that Bizzocchi will show at Apex 2008

Italian truck mount specialist, Bizzocchi, owned by CTE, will show two new products: the Z21 articulated telescopic platform, mounted on a Nissan chassis and the KJ-A 510 telescopic boom installed on a three axis chassis with 26t total weight.

Z21 provides a 21.8 m working height and has a 200kg capacity. The machine has a double pantograph telescopic boom with an independent jib, which, together with 3600 rotation, provides the operator access to a larger work area. The electro-hydraulic control allows simultaneous movement of more than one element in a smooth, precise motion. The double pantograph, to which the main boom and jib are hinged, allows the machine to pass the operator over a 9.2 m obstacle.

The basket is manufactured from a damage-resistant, compound material and is designed so that in the event of damage only that part need be replaced, not the entire basket.

Stabilisers are automatically controlled, and must be safely deployed before the basket can be lifted.

The KJ-A 510 is one of a series of three machines the largest of which has a 62 m working height. This model offers a 51 m working height and a maximum reach of 34.5 m. The machines are notable for their being able to be mounted on vehicles in a lighter weight category than can usually carry booms operating at this height.

The telescopic boom sections have been designed to make optimum use of high resistance steel for a rigid and light structure. The main telescopic jib has two extensions and a secondary jib with independent movement. The result is a compact, easy to handle machine which can access areas at height where obstacles need to be negotiated.

CTE is also showing a range of other machines including: the upgraded CS 135 E compact spider lift; its bigger brother the CS 170 and the Genex Uni-Tec fibre glass scaffolding towers.

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