Insulatus insulating link goes beyond

01 April 2008

A new 100 tonne capacity load line insulating link to prevent electrocution during crane operations has been tested, certified and deliveries have started.

UK and US-based manufacturer Insulatus tested the new Load Insulator in November to more than 700 tonnes. Testing of the 100 tonne-rated link was stopped at 725 tonnes but there were no signs of damage or failure in the actual link and its insulation properties were still perfect, Hugh Pratt, (pictured) Insulatus CEO, told IC.

Insulatus offers a range of insulating links in all voltage ratings to fit in load lifting lines and tag lines. They are designed to prevent electrocution of crane operators, slingers, etc., if the crane or load comes into contact with live overhead power lines. Each Load Insulator has a built-in data logger with daily self test facility to record the loads lifted and other parameters.

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