International Construction previews next year's World of Concrete show

By Steve Skinner20 November 2008

The 400 is the new range-topping demolition robot from Sweden’s Brokk. At 4800 kg and fitted with th

The 400 is the new range-topping demolition robot from Sweden’s Brokk. At 4800 kg and fitted with the new Atlas Copco SB 552 hammer, the robot has a hitting power of 1048 joules.

World of Concrete celebrates 35 years in 2009. Steve Skinner previews some of the products that will be launched during February’s show in Las Vegas, US.
Started in Houston, Texas, US in 1975 with 77 exhibitors and 2044 m2 of floor space, the show has developed over the decades into one of the biggest global exhibitions for the construction industry. In 2009 the show promises over 1700 exhibitors covering nearly 84000 m2 of floor space.
In addition to the show, seminars covering everything from concrete repair, through safety and risk management to green building start on Monday 5th February and run throughout the week.

Concrete specific

Despite the show’s expansion into all areas of the construction industry over the years, the show continues to have its roots in the concrete business, and 2009 sees plenty of product launches in the sector.
Peri formwork of Germany is using the show to present its new Maximo system for walls, a system through which ties are inserted from one side only, therefore offering a +20% reduction in the number of tie connections required. Time saving and cost effective, Maximo also gives an improved finish because of its orderly joint and tie arrangement.
Also from Peri will be its Beamdeck for slabs. An aluminium beam slab formwork featuring drophead for early stripping of panels, Beamdeck consists of just three components and offers a 2 m x 2 m standard grid size.
Peri will use its 455 m2 exhibition area in Central Hall to demonstrate its Rail Climbing Scaffold (RCS) that uses a ‘climbing shoe’ to ensure its scaffold is permanently connected to a building throughout any climbing procedure. The system prevents the RCS climbing unit from drifting during strong winds.
The mobile self-climbing device and hydraulic pump mean the RCS is not dependent on cranes for climbing and offers time and cost savings, while the company’s associated climbing protection panel encloses the work area protecting staff from the elements and falls.
Peri will also show its Variokit modular system. Featuring a universal steel waler, heavy duty spindle and RCS climbing rail, the rentable kit offers cost effective solutions for bridge and tunnel applications.
Precise Forms, whose forming system won the ‘most innovative product’ award in the ‘experts choice’ category at the 2008 World of Concrete, will show its Eliminator/Dominator forming system at 2009’s show and may preview a new product line still under development that’s designed to further increase wall performance and reduce labour costs in below grade construction.
The Eliminator/Dominator forming system allows for setting, pouring and stripping from one side only. Designed to enable construction of concrete homes in Mexico that had to be built 70 mm apart due to seismic conditions, the system opens the avenue for independent unit, moderate density housing.
Putzmeister America will launch its new BSA 100-D and BSA 120-D high pressure trailer pumps. Both weigh 4083 kg and feature high capacity hoppers, hard-chromed delivery cylinders, a large water box, Putzmeister’s S valve and durable hydraulic cylinders.
The BSA 100-D has a maximum output of 80m3/hour, while the BSA 120-D’s output is 87m3/hour. Both pumps operate up to 71 bar of concrete pressure.
Reed will use the show to launch its A40HP ‘Rockmaster’ concrete pump. The 61kW perkins diesel powered pump is capable of a 31 m3 per hour throughput at 81 bar concrete pressure. The A40HP can pump pea-gravel mixes, 19 mm blend mixes, 25 mm rock mixes and even low-slump shotcrete.
On a somewhat larger scale, Con-Tech will show its new Bridgeking mixer. The 12 wheeled mixer based on a Sterling LT9500 chassis has an 8.4 m3 capacity and the drum features a 7 mm skin with 7 mm fins made from abrasion resistant steel. The mixer is also fitted with a 567 litre aluminium water tank.


Gilson will show its upgraded HM-30 pressure meter for measuring concrete air content. Featuring long lasting, adjustable steel clamps, a larger gauge set in a stainless steel housing, and a pump with easy-grip handles, the upgraded HM-30 exceeds American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) requirements.
Meanwhile, the new HM-32L is a lightweight alloy version of the popular Roll-A-Meter for measuring air content in concrete mixes. The anodised aluminium version is less than half the weight of the earlier bronze models. The HM-32L can also be used for establishing the specific gravity of sand, gravel and cement.
On display for MKT fastenings will be its Sup-R-Stud TZ wedge anchor designed to comply with latest technical requirements for anchoring into cracked or sound concrete. The expansion mechanism controls friction to ensure the wedge functions properly throughout the life of the anchor.
Chomorat North America will show its new custom angle shaped C-Grid products for reinforcing concrete structures. C50-2.2 x 2.2 is a custom designed carbon fibre and epoxy resin reinforcement providing excellent crack control and concrete-to-bonding in applications such as corner and edge reinforcement, I-beams, shotcrete and tunnels.
With a tensile strength per individual strand of in excess of 363 kg (3.7 kN), the carbon fibre based product is proven to significantly improve performance and reduce weight in a variety of concrete structures. Unlike steel, C-Grid can be placed just below the finished surface to optimise structural tension and minimise any crack spread and crack width.
Maxxon will launch its new Acousti-Mat Low Profile (LP) noise-suppression system. The blend of polymeric fibres provides impact sound reduction in concrete, wood or steel frame construction.
The WLS-1 weighing system from Rice Lake for skid-steer and wheeled loaders will debut at the show. A dynamic system that gives load accuracy to within +/- 10 even on the move, the WLS-1 features an easy to use LCD display with simple icons.
Vertigraph will release Site Worx/OS, an on-screen cut and fill takeoff software for site excavation. The system easily generates the quantity takeoff for site excavation on-screen without needing paper blueprints and is compatible with all leading file types.
Ocala will show its new ExcaVision grade control system for excavators. The instrument can use the tip of a bucket, a rotating laser or GPS for reference and is moveable between machines in minutes. The Excavision system eliminates the need for a person to measure the depth of the excavation, so offers cost and safety savings.
Switzerland’s Proceq will launch its Profoscope rebar detector and covermeter at the show. The special positioning of the electromagnetic coils allows a symmetrical triangulation of any rebar configuration, such that a user is able to establish if he is between two rebars or directly over one.
Technidea’s Ziplevel Pro 2000 precision altimeter will be on display. The Ziplevel Pro 2000 replaces rotary lasers and can be set-up in minutes for one person operation.
Peikko will launch its Deltabeam composite steel beam, able to span 13.7 m without fireproofing, shoring or formwork. Alongside the Deltabeam, Peikko will display its range of pre-engineered concrete connections.


While World of Concrete offers a perfect environment to showcase niche and high technology products, concrete equipment continues to dominate.
Somero will launch its new Mini Screed C Laser Screed, a walk-behind screeder that enables operators to achieve laser guided accuracy for flat and level floors on various slump and mix designs. The new screeder eliminates the need for raking concrete to grade or setting rails to establish floor elevation as with vibratory or roller screeding systems.
Power Curbers will demonstrate its 5700-C curb and gutter machine as well as its SF-2700 slip-form paver. The 5700-C is fitted with Power Curber’s Smart Amp control system that gives operators the sophistication of a digital control system with the simplicity of analog controls. The SF-2700 is capable of a paving width of 9.7 m in residential areas, highways and at airports.
PrimeSource will show its Grip-Rite curing blankets. Featuring a reinforced covering, 18 button fasteners and weather resistant packaging, Grip-Rite blankets offer performance and value for cold weather concreting.
Husqvarna’s new K3000 Wet electric power cutter will be on show. The K3000 Wet is equipped with a newly developed wet cutting kit that regulates the flow of water and concentrates the spray into a stream directed at the blade. Nozzles are housed along the blade guard to keep water flow to a minimum, yet still at a level that effectively suppresses dust.
Reimann and Georger’s FS20 hydraulic flat saw will be on display. With the capacity to cut flush to perpendicular surfaces, the FS20 is ideally suited to flush and corner cuts in wet, dry and even submerged conditions. With a cut depth of up to 203 mm, the saw can cut concrete, stone, brick, reinforced concrete and even steel beams.
Ligchine International will show its new ScreedSaver wireless, remote-controlled, laser levelling screeding machine. The ScreedSaver with a 4.3 m screed head screeds at a rate of 280 m2 per hour with an accuracy of 3.2 mm.


Membrane and coating products for concrete will be well represented at the show. GMX will show its Ultra-Shield, a polymer modified, fluid applied, water based waterproofing membrane. The membrane cures to form a flexible, water and vapour impermeable barrier for poured walls, concrete block and parged concrete (A bonded cement layer designed to give a smooth finish to rough concrete).
Vexcon will use World of Concrete to show its environmentally friendly line of concrete sealing products. The range features polished concrete, cleaners, moisture control, form treatments, acrylic coatings, protective treatments, hardeners and agglomerators and epoxy coatings under the StarSeal EF brand.
ReNew Systems Group will also display its Coatez range of environmentally friendly water-borne coatings. TTC is a hybrid epoxy refinishing system, CRT is a concrete patching and filling application and GF provides solutions relating to graffiti.
FluoroGrip’s plasma bonding technology will be on display in the shape of MX Membrane. A secondary containment system that provides a flexible chemical and temperature resistant barrier, MX Membrane is installed through a simple peel-and-stick process.
B&G Equipment will unveil its new concrete sealer and form oil sprayer that applies both sealer and form oil at the same time. The system features a heavy density polyethylene tank, a heavy duty 457 mm brass extension and a wide funnel top for easy filling and pouring.
L and M Industries will show its Sim Stain concrete stain that offers an environmentally safe alternative to reactive stains. Water based, Sim Stain in UV resistant and can be used in interior or exterior applications to produce a multi-hued, variegated, mottled natural stone finish.
Flowcrete will show its Flowfresh hygienic floor resin, Deckshield parking floor protection and its Flowfast rapid cure, two hour flooring methyl methacrylate resin. Flowcrete products enjoy a heritage that includes application at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, Jamaica’s Norman Manley international airport and at Lonza Pharmaceuticals.
Super-Krete will launch its new S-121 Color-Bond Admix, an integrally coloured, water-based bonding agent that provides a coloured, decorative finish when mixed with the company’s S-122 Color-Bond Cementitious Aggregate. Color-Bond is formulated with 20 colours to match other Super-Krete products such as S-9500 Color-Stain and S-1100 Ure-Kote.

Far reaching

Brokk of Sweden will launch its new range-topping Brokk 400 remote controlled demolition machine. Weighing just 4800 kg, the high chassis 400 is fitted with Atlas Copco’s new SB552 hammer, giving the machine a hitting power of in excess of 1048 Joules. The 400 has a horizontal reach of 7 m and a vertical reach of almost 7.6 m.
The US arm of Italy’s PM Group will show the latest models from its PM41 crane series featuring double linkage. Available with a maximum of eight hydraulic extensions and a reach of 21 m, the PM41 series has a 4000 rotation and a total hydraulic outreach of more than 24 m.
Genie, a subsidiary of Terex, will show the latest additions to its telescopic boom range. The S-60 and S-65 Trax models feature an innovative four-point track system that enhances traction in difficult terrain. Specifically designed for easy transportation in the US, the machines are 2.6 m wide so they don’t require special oversize load permits.
Both models benefit from a turning radius of just 6.4 m and have a 227 kg lift capacity. The S-60 has a maximum horizontal outreach of 15.5 m and can work to a height of 20 m, while the S-65 has a horizontal outreach of 17 m and a working height of 21.6 m.
The Genie stand will also feature upgraded versions of its GTH-5519 and GTH-1056 rough-terrain telehandlers.
Apexdia will display its new range of PCD grinding wheels for the removal of floor coatings and epoxy resins. The six strong smooth grinding range starts at a diameter of 100 mm and rises to 250 mm.

Beyond concrete

VMAC will show its engine bay mounted air compressors for General Motor’s 2500 and 3500 and Ford’s F250 and F550 trucks. Designed to fit in the engine compartment, the compressors - offering up to 12 Bar of pressure - clear space onboard for tools and equipment.
Terex will use World of Concrete to show its AL4000 Light Tower. The 9.1 m tower provides 4000 watts of light, illuminating 30351 m2. Employing a single winch system for easy erection, the AL4000 measures 1.56 m by 4.55 m and uses a heavy duty Kubota engine for power generation.
Coneqtec will show its BG325 berm grinder. The grinder, mountable on a skid-steer, uses its offset design and low profile drum and housing to remove berm while leaving the guardrail intact. The centre pivot design places the down force of the skid steer directly over the cutting drum. Operation is either through electronic or hydraulic controls and a ‘sideshift’ function enables the cutting drum to extend under the guardrail.
Ripack will display its 2200 heat shrink tool. With a new range of extensions the 2200 is designed to apply shrinkwrap protection for boats, buildings and large loads.
Solida will promote two new advanced tools in the shape of its moil point and post driver. The moil point, with diameters of 110 mm up to 130 mm, features four long forged dust grooves to minimise dust. The post driver is designed with a cup that fits the diameter of any item being driven into the ground.
Klein Tools is introducing its new Journeyman screwdrivers as well as its new range of branded clothing and merchandise.
Pro-Vision systems will launch its VLI series night vision rear view camera system. The VLI camera system features a newly designed monitor connector and windscreen mount, while the rear facing camera is designed to eliminate blind spots on any vehicle. Using infra red LED night vision, the camera provides a clear rearward view even in total darkness.
Foresight Products will display its Manta Ray, Stingray and Duckbill earth anchor systems with capacities ranging from 132 kg to 45 tonnes.
Joseph Industries is expanding its range of remanufactured components to include axles and transmissions for the Carraro brand. Examples will be on display at the show.
Buffalo Turbine will show its new Monsoon dust, smoke and odour suppression system. Featuring a gyratory atomising nozzle that injects uniform micron sized droplets into turbulent air created by the system’s 355 mm single stage turbine, the Monsoon suppression system can be configured to operate on electricity, gas, diesel or hydraulics.
Helly Hansen will show its new high visibility Potsdam jacket. The four-in-one format jacket can be worn as an insulated coat, a shell, a quilted jacket or a quilted vest and is made from breathable and waterproof Helly Tech fibre.
Advantage Products will show its new TREDS slush boots. Puncture and tear resistant, a no right or left foot design and 432 mm high with corrosion resistant plastic snaps, TREDS are possibly the most colourful addition to this year’s show. Further footwear exhibitors include Danner with its Vandal multi-purpose work boots and LaCrosse with its Foreman HD series featuring the company’s hyper-dri technology.

Essential information

Planning your visit to World of Concrete
Show opening hours
Tuesday 3 – Thursday 5 February 2009: 9.30am – 5.00pm
Friday 6 February 2009: 9.30am – 1.00pm
Monday 2 – Thursday 5 February 2009: 8.00am – 5pm
Friday 6 February 2009: 8.00am – 12pm
Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, USA.
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