International crane company invests in truck mounted platforms

01 October 2015

An €8 million investment in truck mounted Palfinger platforms is a clear signal that Danish international crane company BMS is serious about being the biggest and best in Europe when it comes to the very largest truck mounted platforms with its recently established 24-hour service concept, E-24.

The deal, involving a total of 13 gigantic, state-of-the-art truck mounted platforms, is a major order for both for Palfinger Platforms, a subsidiary of the world’s largest manufacturer of truck mounted cranes, Palfinger of Austria, and for the customer.

The contract was signed recently in Aalborg, Denmark, and the specialist vehicles will be delivered over the next 12 months.

BMS plans to operate the machines from strategically positioned centres, initially in Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden.

The various platforms can operate at heights of between 55 and 103 metres – and tackle assignments involving oil platform work, erection of wind turbines, and the telecoms sector.

BMS also specialises in mountain maintenance, undertaking bridge inspections and performing many other specialist operations throughout Scandinavia.

Christian Eiring, managing director of Palfinger Platforms in Krefeld, Germany, said: “Palfinger is especially proud and delighted to have a crane company as ambitious and professional as BMS choosing our products.”

The 13 machines will be supplied through Danilift in Farsø, the distributor for Palfinger Platforms in Denmark and Sweden.

Ib Steffensen, divisional director of truck lifts at BMS, added: “Naturally, we source the equipment that is recognised throughout the industry as being the best quality. Our current and future customers are entitled to that.

“And that equipment is Palfinger’s. We already have some truck mounted platforms and truck mounted cranes from them, and we have found them to be the best.

“The service provided by Palfinger Platforms and Danilift combined with the reliability and capacity of their machines, both operationally and in terms of comfort, are state-of-the-art for 2015. As we were also able to agree on the right price, there were no doubts.”

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