International launches from Sinoboom

10 July 2018

Sinoboom has upgraded its most popular products with the aim of expansion across global markets.

The China-based manufacturer has concentrated on two of its most popular products, the GTBZ22J telescopic and the GTZZ15J articulating boom lifts.

The main features of the 16.7m working height GTBZ22J are its flexible maneuverability with small turning radius, the compact design allows multi-directional and multi-angle operations in complex environments.

Sinoboom telescopic

Sinoboom GTBZ22J telescopic boom.

Another feature is the unrestricted basket capacity of 250kg and the capability of two-wheel and four-wheel drives, with 30% and 40% gradeablity, respectively. The machine weighs 7080kg for the 2WD version and 7280kg for the 4WD.

The machine offers wide range hydraulic, electrical, and transmission components imported from European and US producers.

The GTZZ15J has a 24.2m working height and a 250kg unrestricted load in the basket. The highlights, says the manufacturer, are its good capacity and large operating range, along with gradeability of 30% for the 2WD version and 45% for the 4WD, and high stability.

It has built-in length and angle sensors, anti-collision features and excellent dustproofing, as well as steel sheet metal parts which are built to last and provide protection in dusty, wet and other potentially corrosive and challenging environments.

Intuitive visual control, including a high-brightness large LCD screen displays parameter calibration, operating parameters, machine information, and fault alarm and diagnosis.



There is an energy-saving and ecologically-friendly load-sensitive pump. Depending on the hydraulic system load, it adjusts the output power of the hydraulic pump, for maximum energy efficiency.

The closed hydraulic system drive circuit is designed for high power and performance. This system uses state-of-the-art axial variable displacement piston pumps and plunger travel motors that provide a cooled hydraulic system, to extend component life.






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