International offshore first for ALE

By Ian Vallely13 December 2016

ALE performing the load-out of the 4,000 tonne living quarter module

ALE performing the load-out of the 4,000 tonne living quarter module

ALE has completed a full turnkey package spanning two countries, China and Qatar, from fabrication load-out to offshore installation.

ALE was contracted to perform the load-out, installation and mooring for the offshore installation of a utility platform weighing 3,500 tonnes, and a living quarter platform weighing 4,000 tonnes. ALE performed the load-out of both structures between February and March 2016 at the fabrication facility in Tianjin, China. The platforms then sailed to Qatari waters, where ALE’s specialist Offshore Services division carried out the float-over, ballasting and mooring, and the offshore installation.

David Le Masurier, project engineer for ALE – Offshore Services said, “This is a fantastic engineering achievement for us and showcases the breadth of our equipment and services, and our capability in cross-country project management. By co-ordinating between our specialist offshore and local engineering teams across China, Qatar and the UK, we were able to provide the complete turnkey package – from tide and load monitoring to skidding and offshore installation – safely and on schedule.”

This project was undertaken in two parts – the load-outs were completed in March and float-overs were completed in July 2016. ALE finished its operation in August and the equipment was demobilised in September 2016. It was part of a bigger project, involving the continuous development of the hydrocarbon and oil and gas resources in Qatari waters.

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