IPAF/AWPT convenes 'Executive Summit' on training in North America

By Murray Pollok23 October 2008

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is convening an ‘Executive Summit' on the subject of aerial work platform operator training in Chicago on 11 November.

IPAF and its US subsidiary, AWPT, have invited representatives from the top six rental companies in the US as well as the six major AWP manufacturers in North America to discuss how the industry can agree on minimum level of standardised operator training.

IPAF managing director Tim Whiteman - who said the meeting had the potential to be one of the most significant ever in the promotion of safe use of aerial platforms in North America - told AI that the summit had been prompted by the keynote speech at APEX given by Skyjack president Ken McDougall.

At APEX Mr McDougall called for manufacturers to get behind a "standardised and accredited training programme globally...Although this type of training in not globally mandated, it is up to us to actively support and encourage training through all level of the organisation...I am proud to say that Skyjack supports the IPAF AWPT training program globally."

IPAF and AWPT do not deliver training themselves. Instead, they have developed a standardised training programme that is delivered by independent training centres certified by IPAF/AWPT.

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