IPAF launches rental reports with webinar

16 October 2020

A free webinar focusing on key findings from the IPAF Global Powered Access Rental Market Report 2020 took place today (20 October). A recording of the presentation is now available.

Lead consultants Audrey Courant and Anne Myon from DuckerFrontier, which produces the market leading report exclusively for the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), explored data from the report. 

Covering global MEWP market data each year from 2008, the report has a particular focus on 2019 and gauges business sentiment and confidence from operators concerning the impact of Covid-19 and the end to the UK’s transition period before it leaves the EU on 1 January 2021.

Audrey Courant of DuckerFrontier presents at Europlatform 2019, Nice, France

Audrey Courant, DuckerFrontier, presents at Europlatform 2019, Nice, France

The presenters also examined macro data trends and how the European market compares to the North American market and other regions, while the report also features a focus on China, following on from the 2019 edition.

The award-winning IPAF rental market reports are presented in an easy-to-read format and are the definitive guide to powered access rental markets. They include an estimate of the size of the MEWP rental fleet worldwide, with a breakdown by region and machine type.

Peter Douglas, IPAF CEO & MD, introduced the webinar. There were also contributions from Murray Pollok, managing editor of International Rental News, who gave his own market overview, complementing the editorial summaries he provides in the reports. Users from the industry also gave insights into how they use the reports to inform their business strategy and why they find the data useful.

Peter Douglas commented, “IPAF’s global powered access rental reports offer unique business intelligence and valuable insight into the state of the market, our members, industry stakeholders and investment strategists use the annual reports to help shape their planning and decision-making processes, and for this reason we are pleased to be able to present a webinar for the first time outlining some of the key industry trends.

“Owing to the global pandemic publication of the reports this year has been slightly delayed to allow for the data gathering process to take place and to better allow a clearer view of what the future holds for powered access in key global markets. We thank the team at DuckerFrontier for their granular analysis and all those who have helped to make the webinar possible.

“We also especially wish to thank those companies who have sponsored the webinar: Hinowa, MCS, JESH Lift, Green Power Design Astri Company Limited and Sunward Equipment Group. We hope those tuning in will find the session useful, and thank those who have submittied questions for the presenters to address.”

● To watch the webinar please click here. The 2020 IPAF Global Powered Access Rental Market reports are available to pre-order now at www.ipaf.org/reports, with a discount available to IPAF members and a special price for webinar registrants. Please be reminded that there will not be a live Q&A session in this webinar; all regitrants are invited to submit a question when signing up to join the webinar, to allow presenters to refer to the most pertninent data sets in their answers.Those signing up in after Monday 19 October will not have their question(s) addressed in the webinar.


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