IPAF offers guidance on resuming training

By Thomas Allen12 May 2020

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has published guidance on how IPAF training centres should resume training safely as the Covid-19 lockdown is gradually lifted.

The document Covid-19 Safe Training Advice, available to members on the IPAF website, is intended to provide practical guidance on how to minimise the risk of exposure to Covid-19 when undertaking training on MEWPs, MCWPs and hoists.


To be used in conjunction with IPAF’s training manuals, it covers various social distancing and safety requirements to reduce the risk of infection.

For instance, all IPAF-approved training centres need to prepare a risk assessment of Covid-19 to ensure effective training can be undertaken while maintaining social distancing.

If training is being carried out on a customer job site, then the customer must have the appropriate Covid-19 risk assessment for the site, which should be reviewed by the training centre and followed prior to training taking place.

The document also outlines five precautions to be taken: frequent washing of hands, practicing respiratory hygiene by covering your mouth and nose when coughing, avoiding touching your face, maintaining social distancing, and staying at home if you feel unwell.

It also highlights e-learning and instructor-led remote learning as alternatives to training in person.

IPAF will also be publishing another guidance document, Covid-19 Safe Operating Guidance using MEWPs, MCWPs and Hoists. It will be available in the resources section on the federation’s website soon.

Supporting this guidance document, IPAF will be providing a free webinar on Thursday 21 May, 2020, at 12pm (UK time). Health and safety professional, Chris Wraith, will be delivering the webinar. Visit the IPAF website to register.


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