IPAF prize draw winners announced

By Euan Youdale04 February 2015

More than 460 PAL Card holders across five continents have won prizes in IPAF’s Verify and Win free prize draw celebrating the one millionth PAL Card ever issued.

The five winners of trips to the IPAF Summit and International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs) this March in Washington, DC, USA, are: Natalie Bird, Reanne Graver, Colin Simpson, John Tominay and Richard Willis.

Another ten winners received IPAF Powered Access Rental Market Reports worth around €1000 each.

Winners from countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA received prizes ranging from trips to the IPAF Summit and rental market reports, to T-shirts, hi viz jackets, caps, pens and clipboards. The draw was open to any of the more than half a million valid PAL Card holders who verified their PAL Card.

“Congratulations to these five PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) holders. They will be joining us to hear world-class speakers at the IPAF Summit and be part of the industry’s annual celebration of excellence,” said Tim Whiteman, IPAF CEO. “These prizes celebrate the extraordinary international success of IPAF’s voluntary MEWP operator training programme which is administered by the industry’s not-for-profit trade association – a big thank-you to everybody who has contributed to its success over the years.”

Details on the IPAF Summit and IAPAs are at www.iapa-summit.info

The draw was made by extracting the winners from a list of entrants in a random sequence using software supplied by IPAF’s IT partners Furness Internet and audited by software specialists Mercurytide. The names of the five principal winners were generated by Tony Whiteway, a partner with IPAF’s auditors CLB Coopers, who also oversaw the drawing of the other names and certified the impartiality of the entire process.

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