Irish crane renter buys Wumag WT 1000

By Patrick Hill18 June 2008

Wilson Access Hire has a new WT 350 from Wumag.

Wilson Access Hire has a new WT 350 from Wumag.

AI has learned that McNallys Crane Hire, based in Monagham, Republic of Ireland, will take delivery of a 102 m working height Wumag Elevant WT 1000 in December. That information came from the German manufacturer's UK distributor, King Highway Products in Leicestershire. AI believes the new machine will be the first powered access platform to join McNallys' fleet and the tallest in the UK and Ireland.

McNallys started a division, WindHoist, in 1998 to install, maintain, and de-commission wind turbines. The company operates in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, and the Falkland Islands and recently announced it plans to open a facility in the Asia Pacific region to support projects in that area.

Elsewhere, Wilson Access Hire in Elland, West Yorkshire took delivery of a Wumag WT350 on a 15 t, 179 kW MAN chassis in early June. The machine complements a WT 450 and a WT 530 already in Wilson's fleet.

Tom Wilson, owner and general manager, told AI, "We need a machine that is quick to use and set up. The 350 is ideal for getting into town centres and doing that. At low levels it out reaches the 45 m machine, and it rents at about £300/day less [than the WT 450]." He said the new machine has been busy on window cleaning and installation and telecomm installation jobs.

Mr Wilson said that he gets "same day" service from King and has other Wumags on order. He expects delivery of another WT 450 in November of this year and has ordered additional Wumags for delivery in 2009 and 2010. "With delivery lead times of 14 to 18 months, we have to plan that far ahead," said Mr Wilson.

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