IRN100 Five Year Toplist now available

28 July 2014

A new Toplist compiling five years of survey data from the IRN100 is now available at the Information Store.

The IRN100 Five Year Toplist for 2010 to 2014 provides a unique insight into trends in the global rental industry. Essential reading for anyone wanting to know how quickly the world’s equipment rental industry is recovering from the global financial crisis, this is a compilation of the past five annual IRN100 surveys of the top 100 equipment rental companies in the world.

Published by International Rental News (IRN) magazine, the IRN100 Five Year Toplist includes exclusive data on company revenues, fleet investment and industry consolidation.

The 2010 ranking - based on rental revenues for 2009 - showed that the slowdown in the US was taking its toll, before recovery started to take hold from 2012 onwards. However, Europe has proven more sluggish, with notable exceptions in the Nordic region, and this trend was again demonstrated in the most recent 2014 survey, based on revenues for 2013.

In the latest survey, published in the June issue of IRN, a picture emerged of a relatively stable year, with the momentum behind the recovery in North America contrasting with a still-slow Europe and a faltering Australia. Indeed, the influence of Europe on the IRN100 is lessening year by year as other regions grow at a faster rate.

And this came amid modest growth from emerging countries, where fledgling rental markets are still gaining ground. However, entrants to the IRN100 list from developing markets remain elusive – large rental companies are still a rarity in much of Asia and South America, but growth is clearly trickling through.

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