It's a question of balance for Keltbray

By Steve Ducker19 December 2017

The training arm of demolition contractor Keltbray is taking part in a three-month trial to explore the relationship between the human mind and the human heart by researching what is known as heart/brain coherence.

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Keltbray said the trial was a ‘natural’ progression in balancing physical health and mental wellbeing

Keltbray Training said the pilot uses a system of science-based and scientifically validated, coherence-building skills designed to help bring the 50 participants’ physical, mental and emotional systems into balance to improve their ability to focus, and reduce stress and fatigue.

It is working with Vector Equilibrium to help the people in the trial improve wellbeing and communication and be more effective at problem solving.

“The overall goal of this programme is to increase self-awareness and build and sustain resilience by enhancing people’s ability to more intelligently self-regulate their energy which directly affects performance, explained Vector Equilibrium director, David Price.

Keltbray training and development director Holly Price added: “We in construction work in an environment where we are constantly having to juggle multiple disciplines and risks, and where the consequences of a lapse in concentration or error of judgement can be catastrophic.

“We see this trial as a natural progression in how we evolve the care for our people and bring their physical health into balance with their mental and emotional wellbeing.”

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