ITB Nigeria utilises Comansa cranes

By Christian Shelton01 October 2018

Lagos, Nigeria-headquartered construction company ITB Nigeria is using six Comansa cranes on the Azuri Peninsula apartment construction project in Lagos.

The Comansa cranes working on the site comprise: two 21LC550s; 21LC335; and three 21LC290 models. All are flat-tops with capacities ranging between 18 and 20 tonnes. They are being used to build three towers that, once complete, will be over 140 metres in height and have up to 32 floors.

The cranes were initially erected with low heights and, as the buildings grew, ITB Nigeria used hydraulic jacking cages to jack them up.

The cranes are now working at their maximum height, with the tallest being 163.5 metres.

The cranes were all equipped with Comansa’s Effi-Plus system, which increases hoisting speeds with light loads. Comansa’s PowerLift system, which improves the load diagram of the crane by ten percent, was also used.

The cranes are working 24 hours a day, lifting steel structures during the daytime and helping with concrete work during the night.

The apartments are being developed by Eko Development Company, a division of property developer Africa Property Invest (API), in a brand-new city that is being built on reclaimed land in Lagos. The city is being built on a ten square kilometre artificial peninsula. Once complete the aim is that the Azuri Peninsula will become a business hub for the country.

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