Iteco's rough-terrain, battery scissor in production

11 August 2009

Iteco's new, battery operated, rough-terrain scissor can be driven safely at height.

Iteco's new, battery operated, rough-terrain scissor can be driven safely at height.

Iteco will shortly begin production of its 19 m working height, battery powered scissor. The IT17210E has a four-by-four wheel drive making it suitable for rough terrain.

With its four-by-four traction and 5.8 m extended deck, Iteco is presenting the IT17210E as an alternative to diesel machines on construction sites, particularly during the finishing phase of industrial buildings.

Iteco says that in many cases new buildings are covered and closed-in (becoming an indoor environment) before the floor is made - diesel machines used in that environment can be very polluting.

In environments where the floors are finished, therefore, solid and level, the IT17210E has safe traction up to a maximum platform height of 14 m. Iteco says that it is not mandatory to use the stabilisers when the machine is operated on an even floor which can save users time. Also the platform can be driven safely with the platform at 14 m. Iteco estimates that these features can save four to five minutes each time the machine is moved which can add up to over an hour at the end of the day.

The IT17210E platform has a single 2m deck extension for additional outreach, which has a lifting capacity of 580kg available across the deck extension.

Iteco has also announced that a new range of four battery powered articulated booms will soon be available. The company expects to show them at the end of this year or the beginning of 2010.

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