Jason Anker supports E-Colour system

By Leila Steed14 May 2021

Safety awareness campaigner Jason Anker MBE has given his support to the E-Colors Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI), saying that it could help prevent avoidable accidents on construction sites.

Anker, who was paralysed from the waist down following an avoidable accident at the age of 24, recently took the personality profiling tool after being introduced to it by health and safety consultancy Hillmont Associates.

The UK-based firm was the first in the country to become a licensed practitioner of the E-Colors PDI system. It was developed by Equilibria in 2004 and uses a questionnaire to determine a person’s personality traits.

Each personality type is identified by a combination of colours; red ‘Doer’, yellow ‘Socialiser’, green ‘Thinker’ and blue ‘Relator’, which helps to improve self-awareness so that people can react differently in specific situations...Sign in to continue reading.

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