Jaw force meets air force

By Lindsay Gale20 October 2015

German contractor Rino Bau-& Transport Gmbh used Rotar RDC combi shears on the demolition work it carried out at the former US Air Force base at Lahr, where it removed two military security buildings and another complex to make way for a new development.

Rino used its largest Rotar, a 4,100 kg (9,020 lb) RDC 42 S mounted on a Liebherr R 954 excavator to deal with 30-60 cm (1-2 ft) thick concrete walls, while a second smaller shear on a Liebherr R 934 helped process the resulting waste. Rino also pre-milled the walls in advance of the shears starting work to ensure efficient demolition.

In total, more than 4,000 tonnes of concrete was handled by the two machines over the course of five weeks. The company has six Rotar shears of varying sizes in its equipment inventory weighing from 1,950 kg (4,290 lb), allowing use across the company’s 15-70 tonne carriers.

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