JCB launches a demolition specification skid steer loader

13 May 2008

The Series II Robot 160 XD will be very similar to this JCB-modified skid steer  supplied to CDC Dem

The Series II Robot 160 XD will be very similar to this JCB-modified skid steer supplied to CDC Demolition

In a move that is part of JCB’s goal to cover the demolition sector more effectively, the company has introduced what it claims to be the only skid steer available from an OEM that has been specified for the sector, the Series II Robot 160 XD. Under development for the last 12 months, and the result of considerable customer input, the new machine boasts a number of features that tailor it for the demolition role,

According to general manager - waste, recycling and demolition, Jonathan Garnham: “we have got much closer to the demolition market and our understanding of that market has improved considerably. We see the Robot skid steer design, with its single arm and side entry, as being a very safe and very useful product for this market. With that in mind, what we have been working on is to produce a machine that is specifically aimed at demolition.

Paul Hoptroff, JCB product marketing manager - compact equipment, said: “Typically what will happen is a demolition contractor will buy the best machine he can get and start to build in his own guards, protection etc. However, we recognised the potential of being able to offer a skid steer with all that done at manufacture – things like wide core radiators are easy to do in the factory, but changing a radiator can be very expensive in the field. A hinged bumper to provide rear protection is also very useful. We also install FOPs, front protection, axle cutters, four lifting hooks on the roof, light guards, heavy duty air cleaners and solid puncture proof tyres. So we cover the whole gamut and it is there in a standard XD package. Other options are available – the XD specification includes those features that JCB has identified as being those most commonly fitted.”

Mr Garnham amplified this: “It is much more economical to have these things fitted by an OEM than it is as a aftermarket exercise. The customer is able to start work on day one – he does not have to put it into his workshop. All the guards are naturally JCB approved, it has been fully tested by us and the dealers have all the parts.”

Initially, one JCB Series II Robot model will be available with the XD specification, the Robot 160 XD. Mr Garnham said: “The Robot 160 is dimensionally the smallest and the lightest of the machines we produce. This means it can easily be used inside and outside buildings. It offers the lowest floor loading and its lightness also means it can easily be lifted to upper floors. We will enter the market with this model and see what happens.”
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