Jinde transports 420 tonne cold box

24 March 2014

The combination contains two 6 axles self-propelled module and one PPU 375

The combination contains two 6 axles self-propelled module and one PPU 375

Transport company Jinde, also known as Dalian Kingdom Logistics Group, based in China, has moved a cold box weighing 420 tonnes across a shipyard in Dalian, China.

The cold box measured 67.25 × 10 × 10.6 metres. For the task the box needed to be moved across the ship yard to a gantry crane, which had been positioned to lift it into its new position.

To transport the unit, Jinde used 48 axles lines of TJ-G 3.0 self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) by Tianjie Heavy Industries (THI).

For the project the centre of gravity of the box was located and the box was loaded onto four files of SPMT. Challenges during the task include a limited work area, in which the SPMT had to turn 90 degrees before it could move the box to its final position.

Once under the gantry crane, the cold box was lifted and positioned into its final position.

Jinde’s project manager, said, “Tianjie’s SPMT was incredibly stable and flexible. It is truly a great advantage to have Tianjie’s support as a client and friend.”

The project was carried out in Dalian on 17 March 2014.

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