JLG 1230ES to get ARA launch

24 April 2008

David Baxter, director of marketing and market development at JLG, said the 12 ft (3.6 m) platform height machine - to be produced at JLG’s Tonneins facility in France - will use the same electric drive system as the ES scissors, which would treble duty cycle times “over the competition.” Other claimed advantages over the TM12 include the use of a multi-section boom cylinder (no chains or cables in the mast); faster raising and lowering speeds (12 seconds up, 12 down); and a smaller turning radius.

Priced at around 5% less than a 19 ft (5.8 m) scissor, the 1230ES will weigh 1740 pounds (790 kg) and have stowed dimensions of 53.5 in (L), 30 in (W) and 65.25 in (H)(1.36 m by 0.76 m by 1.66 m).

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