JLG has good start to year in Spain

25 January 2010

JLG's Spanish dealer AP Aerial Platforms has achieved sales of €2.5 million in January.

Florencio Alonso, AP Aerial Platforms' general manager said, "It is true that we have to adapt ourselves to the times. In 2007 we had a turnover of €50 million just in JLG products, it decreased to €30 million in 2008 and finally to €6 million in 2009." With the recent sales and future prospects Mr Alonso expects to exceed €9 million in sales this year.

"Most of the units included in the orders are telescopic or articulating booms of more than 25 m. and they will be delivered during the first half of the year. We feel that this sort of news could mean an incentive for Spanish clients. There is a lot to do apart from just waiting for difficulties to pass."

Mr Alonso has noticed a changed in the type of customers they are serving, "We have always centered our attention on the rental companies," he said, "however, we have recently seen that the end users have changed their minds regarding the purchase, and have decided to acquire their own platforms. They often explain that they would prefer not buy, but they finally do if they do not feel satisfied with the service provided by their usual supplier of platforms."

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