JLG launches its first 'Asian' scissor at BICES

19 October 2011

JLG's 10RS 'Asian' scissor, launched at BICES.

JLG's 10RS 'Asian' scissor, launched at BICES.

JLG Industries has introduced its first ever ‘Asian' scissor lift, a low cost, basic machine built in China and for sale in Asian markets.

The 10 m platform height model - launched at the BICES show and to go into production in February at JLG's Tianjin facility - has been redesigned from the ground up, said Bill Dovey, product manager for aerial work platforms at JLG.

"Customers in Asia said they were looking for a basic scissor, with a lower cost to acquire, own and operate", Mr Dovey told Access International at BICES in Beijing.

Although offering the same platform height as the ES3246, it differs in many respects. It uses five scissor stacks rather than four to reduce the transport length from 98 in to 90 in, which means that nine can be loaded in a standard 40 ft container.

It has a passive pothole protection system instead of the active system found on the ES models (and most other modern electric scissors), thus eliminating 17 moving parts and two switches.

The scissor uses a rear wheel electric direct drive and front wheel steer, which means that cables don't have to flex while steering - another measure designed to reduce service and maintenance requirements.

Likewise, there is no pull-out tray for the battery pack, and the hydraulic system has been moved away from the lift cylinder (as it is on the ES scissors) and placed inside the chassis, making it simpler to service. There are just four hydraulic lines on the lift - two for the steering and two for the lift cylinder.

Other features that will find favour with Asian buyers include four substantial lifting and tie-down lugs at each corner of the machine, which also serve to protect the wheels.

"The whole design is about being easy to maintain", said Mr Dovey, a 35 year JLG veteran. He said that they had tried to remove anything that wasn't related to essential drive, steer and lift functions.

The lift is expected to be around 15% less expensive than the equivalent ES scissor, and Mr Dovey said landed costs for machines shipped outside of China will also be lower still because of the reduced freight costs resulting from its shorter dimensions.

Asked about further Asian machines, Mr Dovey said; "We'd like to see what the market says they need next. This model was the number one priority for Asia." Mr Dovey issued a polite ‘no comment' when asked about prospects of similar Asian versions of JLG's booms. (JLG has already created the 1100S telescopic boom for shipyard work in Asia.)

The lift is seen as significant for JLG's efforts in India. Mr Dovey said the 10RS would "allow customers in India to purchase new JLG products."

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