JLG offers new mobile app

By Sarah Ann McCay16 May 2013

The new JLG Mobile Analyzer app has a 150 ft (46 m) range

The new JLG Mobile Analyzer app has a 150 ft (46 m) range

Access equipment manufacturer JLG Industries has launched its JLG Mobile Analyzer, a new tool that combines a free mobile application and a wireless access module to provide technicians with remote access to programme, troubleshoot, calibrate, or customise equipment performance.

According to the company, the JLG Mobile Analyzer is a Wi-Fi enabled evolution of the JLG Analyzer Kit handheld device, working with either Apple or Google operating system devices. The new system allows for an extended operating range of up to 150 ft (46 m).

Currently it is available in English and Spanish - 11 additional languages will be available by the end of 2013, coinciding with the product’s global distribution. They include International French, Dutch, German, Italian, International Portuguese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

The new app can be downloaded free of charge through Apple iTunes and Google Play and is compatible with mobile devices using Apple iOS 5.0 and up or Android API 8 and up.

The app works with the JLG Mobile Wireless Access Module, which plugs into a port on JLG products and transmits equipment performance data to a mobile device. Although the module is interchangeable among machines, it can only be connected to one mobile device at a time.

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