Jörg Bachmann looks for new rental post

By Murray Pollok14 June 2011

Jörg Bachmann, business development director for Loxam in Germany.

Jörg Bachmann, business development director for Loxam in Germany.

Jörg Bachmann has left MVS Zeppelin and is looking for a new position in the equipment rental business.

Mr Bachmann was head of marketing at MVS Zeppelin and had worked for the company for eight years. Prior to that he worked for MVS Miete Vertrieb Service for a year before its acquisition by Zeppelin.

He told IRN that it was time for a change of role and that he was "very interested to stay in the rental business. I would love to support companies by consulting or help them to enter the German rental market - either rental companies or suppliers to the rental business."

In addition to his work with MVS Mr Bachmann has been actively involved with the European Rental Association, and has been chairman of the ERA's promotions committee since 2006.

IRN understands that MVS Zeppelin has appointed a replacement for Mr Bachmann and that he or she will start work at the company in September, at which time details will be provided.

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