Jumbo moves giant gantry crane

By Alex Dahm16 July 2012

Loading gantry crane blocks onto Jumbo's Fairpartner heavy lift ship

Loading gantry crane blocks onto Jumbo's Fairpartner heavy lift ship

Heavy lift and shipping specialist Jumbo has moved what is claimed as the world's largest Goliath type gantry crane.

On 21 June loading onto Jumbo's heavy lift ship Fairpartner was completed for the crane's journey from Mokpo, South Korea, to Brazil. As a cargo the crane weighed 6,506 tonnes and had a volume of 58,745 cubic metres.

It was loaded in fifteen single crane lifts for the main girder blocks (sections) while the four legs were tandem lifted. A challenge was the small clearances between each girder block. Fairpartner has a flush weather deck that allowed the cargo to protrude on both sides. As part of the same project, on 14 June Jumbo's Stellaprima loaded an upper and lower trolley for the same Goliath crane in Hanko, Finland.

The new gantry crane at Rio Grande do Sul will raise productivity in support of the construction of drill ships for the oil and gas industry.

You can see a 3D animation of how the world's largest Goliath gantry crane will be assembled here

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