Junjin launches new truck-mount

By Maria Hadlow02 July 2009

Junjin's 36 m Sky-Khan truck-mount.

Junjin's 36 m Sky-Khan truck-mount.

Korean access equipment manufacturer, JunjinCSM has introduced a 36m working height, truck-mounted aerial work platform, called Sky-Khan which complies with Korea Certification Security.

The six-stage boom has a hexagonal shape, the design of which Junjin optimised using structural analysis techniques. All the hoses and wires in the outriggers are contained within the structure to minimise the risk of damage from an external impact.

For the safety of operator Junjin has included an auto-moment-limiting system, which automatically controls the working radius and turntable rotation according to the outrigger extension length, jack landing status, boom extension and bucket load weight. The operator cannot move the basket into a position which de-stabilises the machine.

Sky-Khan is named after Chingiz (Genghis) Khan, leader of the Mongol Empire, who conquered huge territories in 13th Century. Junjin says, "It shows our goal to dominate the world market share as he did." Junjin expects that the Sky-Khan HP-360 will lead the world market with its fast mobility, working efficiency and safety.

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