Kennards adds service locator

By Helen Wright23 February 2015

Australian rental company Kennards Hire has expanded its Test & Measure division offering with the addition of a new underground service locator.

“The Service Locator uses the latest in digital signal processing to pinpoint the exact position, route and depth of pipes,” said Leo De Sousa, branch manager of Kennards Hire Test & Measure East Brisbane.

“It’s designed to detect, identify and trace specific sub-surface pipes and cables reliably and accurately, even in the most congested areas and difficult environments. The Service Locator is also capable of locating smaller diameter (20mm dia.) copper services.”

Weighing just 2.6kg (incl. batteries) and boasting a range of operating frequencies and power outputs the light weight Service Locator has been designed as a ‘get-and-go’ piece of equipment for a range of industries from commercial developers to civil construction, electrical, plumbing and telecommunications, DYI and utilities services such as water and sewer maintenance works.

Kennards said the Service Locator could also be used in conjunction with a Traceable Copper Rod to track PVC pipe as well as an A-Frame for finding sheath faults in power lines.

Kennards Hire Test & Measure offers sensitive testing equipment including concrete cover meters, ultrasonic leak detectors, vacuum test kits, hydrostatic test pumps, anchor testers and non-invasive smoke machines, as well as hand-held devices.

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