Kennards Hire pops up

By Thomas Allen14 January 2019

Australian equipment rental company Kennards Hire has opened a new pop-up branch in Heatherbrae, in the Greater Newcastle region, Australia.


Left to right: Paul Gill, Deputy Manager; Phil Simcox, Sales Manager; and Bryan Gray, Serviceperson Driver, at the new Heatherbrae pop-up branch

This was said to demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The pop-up concept is new to the company, with the branch being built from 6m shipping containers.

The custom-designed containers are designed to be self-contained, transportable and easy to commission. The portable modules include a service bay, a fully-equipped equipment room, storage facilities, a modular wash bay and a customer area.

It is the second branch of its kind to be fully operational in the network – the first is located in Hornby, New Zealand. The Heatherbrae branch is Kennards Hire’s 53rd branch in New South Wales and the 180th branch across its entire network.

The new pop-up branch was said to be strategically located on the Pacific Highway route between Sydney and Brisbane, one of Australia’s busiest thoroughfares. For this reason, it is a significant link in the Kennards Hire network.

Together with three other branches in the Greater Newcastle and Lower Hunter Valley areas, it will help to support local government depots and a number of infrastructure projects in the area, as well as trade professionals and people doing DIY.

A video showing the set up of the new branch can be viewed here.

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