Kenya invests in geothermal power

23 April 2012

Kenya is investing in sustainable energy following the launch of the Menengai Geothermal Project in April 2012.

Developed by the state-owned Geothermal Development Company (GDC) with investment from the African Development Bank (AfDB), the project aims to produce electricity for 500000 households.

Located in the African Rift Valley, the Menengai project is being developed in phases, with phase 1 providing 400 MW and set for completion by 2015. In total, the project has the potential to produce 1600 MW. Currently, Kenya has an installed energy capacity of about 1300 MW.

Surface exploration has been completed, and exploration drilling has already commenced, with two dip drilling rigs already on site.

As well as domestic use, the project will cater to 300000 small businesses and provide a further 1000 GWh to other businesses and industries on completion.

AfDB has approved the financing for the project, consisting of a loan of US$ 125 million from the African Development Fund and a grant of US$ 25 million from the Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program under the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), hosted by AfDB.

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