Kobelco and Scania partnership

By Christian Shelton15 February 2018

Truck, bus, coach and engine manufacturer Scania is due to provide Japanese construction machinery manufacturer Kobelco with low-emission industrial engines for Kobelco’s new 300 tonne capacity lattice boom crawler cranes: the CK3300G-2 model (for North America), the CKE3000G (for Europe), and the CKS3000 (for other markets).


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Scania will supply 13-litre engines for Kobelco’s new 300 tonne class Kobelco crawlers

Scania said the 13-litre, 331 kW industrial engine meets Stage IV/Tier 4 final / Japan H26 emission standards without the need for a particulate filter.

Hiroaki Iwamitsu, managing executive officer at Kobelco’s design and development engineering division, commented, “With this project, Kobelco is happy to take a new step forward with Scania. From the experience we have had with Scania on developing this new crane, we have seen the advanced technology and great co-operation Scania offers. We look forward to further success together in the future.”

Haruyuki Mayama, engine sales manager at Scania Engines in Japan, said, “We are pleased to be selected as Kobelco’s partner to power its products. I am confident and look forward to a successful market introduction.”


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