Kohler/Lombardini launches 40-100 kW Tier IV/Stage IIIB engines

28 October 2011

Kohler's 1903TCR engine will go into production at Lombardini's factory before the end of 2012.

Kohler's 1903TCR engine will go into production at Lombardini's factory before the end of 2012.

Kohler Engines and its Italian sister company Lombardini have launched a new generation of 40-100 kW diesel engines that will meet the emission requirements of Stage IIIB/Tier IV Final regulations without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The new direct injection engines, being built at Lombardini's factory in Reggio Emilia, Italy, comprise 42 kW/1.9 l and 55 kW/2.5 l models to be available by the end of next year and a 100 kW/3.4 l version to follow in 2014.

The two smaller engines will meet the emission regulations coming into force on January 2013 for 19 to 56 kW engines in the US and 37 to 56 kW sizes in Europe. These are key engine sizes for all kinds of mobile construction plant, including a wide range of compact machines popular in the rental industry.

The launch of the 100 kW unit will see Kohler/Lombardini double the size of its largest previous diesel engine.

Lombardini said a prime aim of the new design had been to eliminate the need for DFP, which it said was not user friendly because of the need to clean or ‘regenerate' the particulate filter and because it reduced fuel economy, increased the size of the engine and was expensive.

Instead it has opted for a high pressure (2000 bar) common rail, multiple fuel injection system combined with electronically driven Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve to re-circulate exhaust gases.

Kohler said the engines would reduce fuel consumption by between 3 and 10% compared to DPF solutions because there was no need to run the engine to regenerate a particulate filter.

The engines will also be available with a purely mechanical injection system for markets with less stringent emission requirements.

"The lack of a DPF is a real breakthrough for engines at these displacements", said Dick Fotsch, president of Kohler Global Power Group, "and the technology systems built into the engines by Kohler and Lombardini are what makes them truly innovative at this power range.

"The power and torque of these engines in relation to their compact sizes and reduced fuel consumption have clear advantages to construction, industrial and agricultural equipment manufactures and end-users."

Lombardini's managing director, Guioseppe Bava, speaking at the launch of the engines in Italy, said the power units demonstrated Kohler's "strong belief in the future of the diesel business and in the talent and ability of the Lombardini team".

Kohler is investing €30 million over three years at the Reggio Emilia facility as part of the engine development programme.

The Kohler Global Power Group includes Kohler Power Systems, Kohler Engines, Lombardini, French-based SDMO Industries and Kohler Rental. Kohler Engines and Lombardini manufacture gasoline engines (up to 30 kW) and diesel engines (up to 50 kW), and Kohler Power Systems and SDMO produce generators for marine, residential, industrial and portable use.

Kohler Rental provides temporary power generators, climate control systems and portable toilets to industrial, commercial, disaster recovery and events sectors in the US.

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