Komatsu upgrades European telematics

11 September 2012

Komatsu has updated its Komtrax telematics system to provide more data for machines in Europe fitted with the latest Stage IIIB engines. Information about the diesel particulate filter (DPF), fitted to machines to achieve lower emissions, will be available, as will additional data on fuel consumption, travel distances and payloads.

Komtrax will now communicate the number of active regenerations performed on the DPF by the machine and the time spent doing them. In addition to total fuel consumption, the system now provides fuel consumption during actual working hours. For dozers and excavators, Komtrax send data about the throttle dial and position, while travel distance and payload data can be monitored on wheeled loaders and articulated dump trucks (ADTs).

This information is available via a series of new monthly or annual reports, covering operation, travel and economy mode usage. Reports on breaker hours are also available for hydraulic excavators. Among the features of these reports is a function that tells the owner how often energy-saving cautions were displayed to the operator on the in-cab monitor of the new machines. These can warn for example if idle times are long or the machine is being overloaded, and can make recommendations for more economic use.

Dr Daniel Heussen, Komtrax manager at Komatsu Europe International said, "The improvements we have made to Komtrax are a testimony to Komatsu's commitment to outstanding technology to provide key assets to maximise efficiency and to be a reliable partner for our customers and distributors."

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