Kroll launches mobile water heater

By Sarah Ann McCay09 May 2013

Kroll showcased its new BKM 120 mobile water boiler at the Bauma 2013 exhibition in Germany

Kroll showcased its new BKM 120 mobile water boiler at the Bauma 2013 exhibition in Germany

German equipment manufacturer Kroll has introduced a mobile water boiler to its portfolio. The BKM120 permanently condenses water, to provide a constant supply of warm water.

Targeting the rental market, the BKM120 has been designed for use on construction sites, as well as for outside events, such as sports events and festivals.

Pieter Jansen, owner of Eurogate International, which is selling the unit in rental markets, said the BKM120 would fine applications in "catering and event organizations (heating of tents and marquees, supply of sanitary water for showers at sports events), in the field of construction and renovation, also during replacements of old boilers, for drying screed and much more eventual applications.

"And, in combination with a simple air heater, the BKM120 can at the same time generate warm air."

Measuring 2.8 m X 1.1 m X 2.1 m and weighing 1700 kg, the BKM 120 can be transported by crane or forklift and can be stacked. With 120 kW of power, the unit can produce up to 1.3 m3 of hot water per hour, with a maximum outlet temperature of 80°C.

The unit is designed for external use and can operate in temperatures as low as -20°C.

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