Kubota expands in Latin America

By Lindsey Anderson20 June 2017

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Kubota Engine America is increasing its footprint in Latin America. The company has added 24 distributors in more than 20 different countries to its network. Kubota’s growth is fueled by its Latin America development team that has spent the last two years identifying distributors to address local needs.

“Kubota is now the closest and highest quality option for many Latin American rental fleets and other compact equipment users who need us most,” said Kubota Latin America sales manager Greg Reaves. “Kubota engines, parts and generators are crucial in helping an increasing number of developing communities build better infrastructure, civilization and culture. As the heart of most compact equipment, Kubota diesel power provides an industry best cost- benefit to the end user and the most reliable solution for OEMs.”

Kubota previously had distributors in Latin America, but it said expanding its network will improve response time, strengthen personal relationships and eliminate language barriers.

“We can now provide service in-person, with Kubota trained eyes diagnosing or repairing products, and increase training opportunities for distributors and their local customers. Our support will reduce downtime and ultimately save communities important time, money and resources,” Reaves said. “Instead of relying on companies overseas, Kubota is closer than ever.”

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