Kubota joins Allianz Hydrogen Engine

Kubota 3.6L hydrogen engine Kubota 3.6L hydrogen engine (Photo: Kubota)

Following the unveiling of its four-cylinder 3.8-litre 85 kW hydrogen internal combustion engine (based on the WG3800) in January this year, Kubota has announced that it has joined the Allianz Hydrogen Engine.

The remit of the alliance is to act as a collection point and clearing house of industry-related information covering development of hydrogen power solutions.

According to the related release, Kubota stated that it is ‘positioning social, environmental and governance best practise at the core of its operations to tackle the challenge of developing more carbon-neutral products and solutions’.

Commenting on the decision to join the Allianz Hydrogen Engine, Xavier Hamel, senior product manager, Product Promotion Office for Kubota Business Unit Engines Europe, said: “The use of hydrogen to power engines in a variety of equipment applications offers a multitude of advantages for operators and the wider environment.

“Our recently-developed Kubota H2 hydrogen engine eliminates carbon dioxide emissions and by keeping the size or footprint of the existing engine we have maintained the variety of accessory selections and compatibility with customer applications.”

Founded in 2021, Allianz Hydrogen Engine (Allianz Wasserstoff Motor) is based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Hamel added: “We are confident that our partnership with Allianz Hydrogen Engine will greatly underpin our commitment to the environment by sharing insights and findings.”

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