Kubota shows prototype of first 'dash-4' excavator

By Murray Pollok20 April 2009

Kubota's new KX057-4 excavator, shown in prototype form at Intermat.

Kubota's new KX057-4 excavator, shown in prototype form at Intermat.

Kubota showed a prototype of its first 'dash-4' range of excavators at Intermat. The 5.5 t rated KX057-4 will be introduced in Europe in October.

Bernard Dewaele, Kubota's export sales manager, told IRN that the new machine has a new look and a new design. Among improvements on -3 models is a larger, more comfortable cab; twin auxiliary hydraulic lines (rather than one); air conditioning as standard; refueling pump as standard, and a digital dashboard providing more information to the operator. The excavator's 1.5 t lifting capacity - higher than Kubota's 5 t model - is another benefit.

Built in Kubota's Hirakata plant in Japan, the KX057 will fit between Kubota's existing 5 t and 8 t models

Mr Dewaele added that the difficult market conditions in Europe at the moment were being exacerbated by the influx of a large number of used machines (of all brands) from the UK.

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