Ladder Exchange 2015 launched

02 September 2015

The Ladder Association has launched this year’s Ladder Exchange, which will run from 1 September to 31 December.

Established by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2007 and now run and managed by the industry trade body - the campaign has already resulted in thousands of potentially dangerous ladders being taken out of service.

The Ladder Exchange allows users to exchange old and/or defective ladders for safe new ones - at a discount - at any of the scheme’s participating partners located throughout the UK.

It also champions safe ladder use and the need to inspect and maintain ladders at regular intervals in accordance with the regulations.

Ladder Association chairman Martin Brooke commented, “Over two million people work on ladders daily in the UK and we want all those workers to work safely. If you take a chance with a faulty ladder you are risking an accident and potentially your life.

“We are delighted to champion the Ladder Exchange because it’s an initiative, alongside formal training, that can really make a difference and help keep people safe.”

According to the Association, if you need to work at height you must:

  • Know when it’s right to use a ladder
  • Decide how to select the right sort of ladder for the job in hand
  • Understand how to use it and use it safely
  • Know how to maintain and look after it

This year’s campaign will again feature ‘Idiots on Ladders’ - the Association’s popular competition that invites the public to submit pictures of reckless, and, in many cases, downright dangerous ladder use.

Mr Brooke added, “Each year the competition only serves to reinforce the need for proper ladder training. Users must equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to use ladders safely and productively. Training is vital.”

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