Landfill Test

01 May 2008

Caterpillar's new 930g wheeled loader's german debut earlier this year was less than glamorous. Nonetheless, the machine proved its worth during the performance test on a landfill site at Schafweide near Munich.

The machine tested featured a Quick-Steer option, which, combined with the 930G's high lift VersaLink loader linage, was ideal for the short loading cycles needed to fill the waste containers. While the traditional steering mode allowed the machine to traffic easily around the site.

The 930G has a pressurised cab and specialised filter and ventilation technology as standard which help protect both the operator and engine from the high levels of air pollutants found on landfill sites. Cat's German distributor, Zeppelin also offers, engine and transmission guards and screens for the lights, windscreen and fan for the 930G as a landfill package.

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