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15 April 2008

First sight of the new HBC-radiomatic tehnos transmitter for radio remote control

First sight of the new HBC-radiomatic tehnos transmitter for radio remote control

Around 3,000 exhibitors and 530,000 m2 of exhibition space make Bauma the Around 3,000 exhibitors and 530,000 mbiggest construction exhibition. More than 2of400,000 visitors are expected at an event that will be used as a launch pad for several thousand new machines.

The following are the latest additions to what will be on show in the lifting and specialized transport sector.

Latest additions

New from Italian manufacturer of radio remote controls, Autec, at booth 808/3 in the outside area F8, will be the Converter, a product for tower crane management. Independent from the radio remote control, it can also be installed in machines where remote control is not used. Installed inside the electrical panel it is connected to the machine sensors to collect the signals. Traditional machine control is improved by data processing from the information collected.

The whole Autec product new Multimax N range will be on display. Special focus will be given to the Modular series, including the MK handsets (with 10 or 12 buttons) and the MJ joystick transmitters. Both models are now available with an LED or LCD display data feedback system, and can be used with a new, compact size receiver that can be customised.

Italian crane manufacturer Effer 470-8S is a 45 tonne-metre class crane with continuous slewing, decagonal boom profile and a range of fly jibs for different booms lengths.

Also new is the 585, a 55 tonne-metre crane on three axle trucks. Features include a telescopic boom with decagonal profile, which is available with up to nine hydraulic extensions, giving a horizontal reach of 23.1 m. The model on display will also feature the fly jib and winch mounted when the crane is folded during transport.

Specialized transport equipment manufacturer Faymonville will launch a new gooseneck with dolly for its Variomax series of trailers for hauling construction machines with a weight of 50 tonnes and more.

It consists of a gooseneck, a removable dolly with up to three swing axles, a 4,500 mm extendible excavator bridge and a rear bogie with up to five swing axles. A 950 wide x550 mm deep excavator trough is in the centre of the rear chassis.

The swing axle with excavator trough is a development of the well established Twin Axle system. An hydraulic suspension system is used and the Variomax can also be used without the dolly as four axle lowbed. The front dolly can be dismantled in 15 minutes, the manufacturer says. The trailer can also be modified into a stepframe semi-trailer by means of an adaptor central piece.

Among several other trailers on show will be the Multimax N3LUB, a three axle Multimax with hydraulic lifting platform to the neck. It is particularly aimed at transporting lifting equipment. To allow easy, safe and quick loading of small machines with little ground clearance (30 mm in some cases), this stepframe semi-trailer has an integral hydraulic lifting platform. The inclination angle is considerably reduced and the entire width of the semi-trailer is available for loading.

HBC-radiomatic will have several new products at Bauma, including its new technos transmitter. It has an “innovative”display and a new radiomatic icon multifunction switch. The new transmitter will be suitable for a range of equipment including cranes and concrete 585 has a telescopic boom withpumps.

Hunklinker P02 paving clamp is suitable for carriers of 2 tonnes and over. Capable of laying pallet layer sizes 560 to 1,280 mm and 900 to 1,450 mm, it also features a new adaptor that allows half-setts and half-blocks to be laid, andis 613 equipped with a GKM/VFT system. Control of the system is via the carrier's hydraulics.

Hydac's FCU 1000 fluid control unit is designed for temporary measurement of solid particle contamination in hydraulic systems. Applications for the portable system include hydraulic systems, service for mobile hydraulics and maintenance. The company will also be showing a range of oil condition sensors, electronic pressure switches, and a range of components for excavators.

Groeneveld will be showing its OnePlus, an automatic two-grease greasing system with an electric pump for use on mini and mid-sized off-highway vehicles, industrial equipment such as lift trucks and sweepers, and transport vehicles.

OnePlus is for the thicker NLGI 2 grease required by certain brands of off-road and industrial machines. All main components, including the electric plunger pump, the electronics and the transparent grease reservoir with follower piston, are in one compact housing that can be installed on almost any off-highway vehicle.

The system greases frequently and in small doses, resulting in minimum grease consumption and maximum effect. This means less wear, reduced maintenance and downtime and increased machine life.

Italian mobile crane manufacturer Locatelli will launch its two axle ATC 40, a 40 tonne capacity city crane that follows a similar design concept to the 20 tonne capacity ATC 20. The telescopic boom extends from 7.5 to 35 m and the maximum tip height is 50 m. It is powered by a 220 kW Mercedes OM496 diesel and can travel at up to 70 km/h.

Dutch load view and safety camera systems manufacturer Orlaco will show the new super wide decagonal angle CCC 131 Compact Colour Camera. The CCC boasts a 131 degree wide angle lens to allow the operator to see the work area around his machine.

Also new is the DDIN monitor for easy and quick installation. Specialized mobile and tower crane hoisting load camera monitor systems ensure the crane operator can see the load even where it is not in the sight. The camera systems allow operators to work faster, safer and easier. Tests have shown that cameras increase the speed at which loads are hoisted by 21%. Orlaco will be in hall A3, stand number 701.

Spanish tower crane manufacturer S ez will show its S60 flat top tower crane on its 250 square metre display area. The S60 will be erected with a height under hook of 12 m and a 65 m jib. Maximum load is 3 or 6 tonnes (on two or four falls of rope) and capacity at the end of the jib is 2.25 tonnes.

New from Sennebogen are an updated 613 and new 643 mobile and crawler cranes. Both are driven by Tier III engines, 91 kW on the 613 and 135 kW on the 643. An important advantage of the telescopic crane is high mobility in application. Contributing to this is steering on both axles.

The cab on the 613 telecrane can be raised hydraulically to a height of more than 4 m and can tilt up to the 643 is the new maXcab. Both cabs have active safety and targeted support for the operator in all work areas.

Maximum boom length of the 613 is 18.8 m and maximum load capacity is 16 tonnes. Its big brother 643 has a 30 m boom and 40 tonne capacity. A 13 m double folding jib is available for the 643, which can also be used as a 6.5 m jib for the 23.4 m and30.0 m booms in the future.

Scania will be presenting its 9 litre, five cylinder DC9 EMS (243 kW) and 12 litre six cylinder DC12 EMS (331 kW) engines, both of which are also Tier 4/Stage IIIB compliant. Lower emissions are the result of a revised combustion chamber design, a new injector angle and an improved camshaft.

Showing a range of gastight piping and connecting elements that compensate for movement, vibration and thermal expansion, and enable economic implementation of environmentally-friendly engine technologies, according to the company.

Tower crane manufacturer Yongmao will launch the latest addition to the range for Europe. The STT113 is the smallest of the Yongmao CE-approved range. The flat top crane will be erected at the show in outside area F9 on stand N925/1, with a jib around 30 m (maximum. A is 52.5 m) and highlight o it will standat about 30 m under the hook.

The STT113 can lift 6 tonnes to 17 m radius and 1 tonne at the 52.5 m jib end. Maximum freestanding height is 44.8 m and 130.3 m can be reached with an anchored mast. It can be supplied with fixing angles, cross base or travelling bogies. Operation is from the cab or by remote control. Fushun Yongmao Construction Machinery Co. Ltd is the largest manufacturer of tower cranes in China, according to regional representative Jin Long Europe.

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