Latin American rental toplist survey launched

16 June 2014

KHL magazines Construction Latin America (CLA) and International Rental News (IRN) are jointly launching a survey of the largest equipment rental companies in Latin America.

The survey – LATAM Rental100 – will list the top 100 equipment rental companies in the region, from Mexico to Argentina and including the Caribbean. The survey will be based on rental revenues in the 2013 financial year, compared to rental revenues in the 2012 financial year.

Rental companies in the region who would like to enter the survey should download the questionnaire in Word format (from here) and email it to Cristian Peters, Editor, CLA ( or Helen Wright, Editor, IRN (

Alternatively, cut and paste the questions below into an email and send it to Cristian or Helen.

The deadline for data is 30 July, 2014.

Latin America is one of the fastest growing rental markets in the world. The LATAM Rental100 will provide a consistent way of measuring the development of the industry and its major players over time.

LATAM Rental100 Survey

The LATAM Rental100 Questionnaire

1. Company Name

2. Annual Rental Revenues (Worldwide, 2013)

3. Annual Rental Revenues (Worldwide, 2012)

4. Annual total Revenues (2013)

5. Annual total Revenues (2012)

6. Gross capital expenditure on fleet (2013)

7. Number of Rental Locations

8. Number of Employees

9. New Equipment added to fleet in 2013:


Earthmoving equipment (in units):

Other equipment (in units):


10. Type of Rental (highlight categories):


General tools/equipment Earthmoving Power Aerial Platforms Portable Accommodation Cranes Forklifts

11. Head Office Location (city, country)

12. Countries of Operation

13. Name of managing director/CEO

14. Website



  • The Annual Rental Revenues = rental revenues only
  • Annual Total Revenues = rental revenues + sales of used equipment from rental fleet + consumables sales. (Do not include sales of new equipment as a distributor/dealer).
  • Supply revenue figures in your local currency.

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