Lavendon Group overhauls internal benchmarking system

14 May 2013

Lavendon Group is pushing the boundaries of technical excellence with a complete overhaul of its internal benchmarking system, TechX.

First introduced within UK business Nationwide Platforms in 2008, TechX has since been integrated into all business locations across Europe and the Middle East.

Lavendon is now taking the system a step further, introducing gold, silver and bronze TechX standards for all elements of workshop management.

According to the firm, the aim is to “set fresh benchmarks for consistent and outstanding achievement in areas including workshop organisation and cleanliness, as well as the subsequent impact of this on areas such as equipment appearance and reliability.”

The system will now encourage group-wide achievements through a broad spanning range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). TechX will also require workshops to have complete integration with the group’s new business IT system, which enables the streamlining of engineering and technical processes.

New TechX Auditors will be charged with reviewing the progress of their counterparts in different territories. The auditors will also be called upon to share new ideas and approaches to implementing TechX in depots.

Don Kenny, Lavendon Group chief executive, said: “Achieving excellence in our technical arenas is central to providing a leading access and safety solution service. Our newly enhanced TechX programme will help us to drive consistent improvements across the Group, ensuring that our clients benefit from the same high standards of reliability and quality wherever and whenever we’re required to serve them.”

Lavendon Group is striving for all its depots to achieve the silver standard by the end of 2013, and the gold standard by the end of 2014.

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