Learn about multi-crane lifts

08 August 2014

Jim Worrell

Jim Worrell

It used to be the case that some lifts could only be made with multiple cranes. As technology has improved and cranes continue to get larger many lifts made in the past with two or more cranes are now being made with just one. Multiple crane lifts have been widely discouraged and some industries and contractors have banned them. In some situations, however, “a single crane lift is neither the safest nor the most economical method of lifting,” according to Jim Worrell of Lift-Think.

In an upcoming webinar, organised by the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA), Worrell explains how multi-crane lifts are viable and effective as long as they are well-planned and properly executed. This webinar presentation offers a refresher on multi-crane lifts, covering the basics and where such lifts are best utilised, SC&RA said. Topics include: The historic use of multi-crane lifts; types of multi-crane lifts; tailing to the vertical (upending); lifts with more than two cranes; the importance of the centre of gravity; and proper rigging for multi-crane lifts.

The multi-crane lifts webinar will be held on Wednesday 13 August 2014 at noon Eastern USA Standard Time. For more information contact Jillian Williams at SC&RA: jwilliams@scranet.org or call +1 703 698 0291.

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