Lewis invests in GJJ

19 June 2008

Kyle Lewis, founder and president of Lewis Equipment, with GJJ's general manager, Lui Yue Jin.

Kyle Lewis, founder and president of Lewis Equipment, with GJJ's general manager, Lui Yue Jin.

Lewis Equipment, the Grand Prairie, Texas-based hoist and tower crane specialist, now has 250 GJJ hoists in its US fleet and is expanding its links with the Chinese manufacturer through sales in New Zealand and Australia.

Bill Brandt, executive consultant with Lewis, told AI that the company had been looking for a Chinese manufacturer to partner with; "We were looking for something new...they have been very open to change and improvements." Lewis is now exclusive agent for GJJ in USA, a partnership that was extended by three years at the start of 2008.

The partnership includes development of new technology, with GJJ soon to incorporate a remote tracking and diagnostic system on the hoists it sells to Lewis, and also contactless busbar drive systems, which remove the need for trailing wheels and copper power cables running up the masts.

Lewis already has around 35 ‘busbar' hoists working in the US, and although the initial cost is higher than conventional hoists, the elimination of the power cables and trailing wheels reduces service calls; "We don't get any services calls", says Keith Lewis, national service manager, "Well, one call in 11 months on 35 hoists." Mr Brandt says the system pays for itself in two years or less. The busbar will be used on any hoist over 200 ft (70 m) high.

Lewis has meanwhile entered the New Zealand business with the acquisition of Verticon's New Zealand hoist and tower crane business to Lewis Equipment. Lewis is now populating the Verticon fleet with GJJ hoists, In addition, Lewis is selling the Chinese hoists to Verticon Australia, the former parent company of Verticon New Zealand.

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