Liebherr in control

By Lindsay Gale25 March 2008

The in-cab display for Liebherr's electronic control system that will be integrated into the company

The in-cab display for Liebherr's electronic control system that will be integrated into the company's demolition excavators

Liebherr has developed a new electronic control system for its demolition excavators that will be integrated into all the company's C Series models.

The Liebherr Demolition Control (LDC) is intended to ensure optimum operational safety through 360. This is achieved by the automatic control, monitoring and limitation of tool movements and machine tilt, so that the stability of the machine and safe working conditions can be ensured throughout the working cycle.

The system consists of a control unit, in–cab diode indicator, three angle transmitters that monitor the attachment position and an indicator for overseeing the carrier's stability and level. The sensors convey the current position and calculate the relevant safety information. Movement limitation is solely related to any decrease in stability. The inclinator shows whether the excavator is level and if not level the diode indicator warns the operator, but does not interfere with the LDC to avoid inconvenient or abrupt machine shutdowns.

LDC provides two operational modes. The limited reach mode restricts attachments movements with the safe working range, while monitored reach simply monitors movements but does not restrict them.

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