Liebherr launches 220 tonne telescopic crawler crane

By Alex Dahm14 June 2012

Liebherr first presented its 220 tonne capacity LTR 1220 telescopic boom crawler crane to customers

Liebherr first presented its 220 tonne capacity LTR 1220 telescopic boom crawler crane to customers on 13 July at its Ehingen factory in Germany

Customers at Liebherr-Werk Ehingen in Germany on 13 June were treated to first sight of a new telescopic boom crawler crane. The 220 tonne capacity LTR 1220 has a 60 metre telescopic boom derived from the 220 tonne LTM 1220-5.2 wheeled mobile crane.

Crawler travel gear offers off-road ability, manoeuvrability and allows the crane to travel under full load. Set up time is shorter than with a lattice boom crane and it is easier to transport. Heavy loads can be telescoped with the boom, which is not possible with lattice boom cranes.

A typical application is installing prefabricated concrete elements. A 3.4 m erection jib and second hoist gear allows two-hook operation for tilt-up work. It is also suitable as an auxiliary crane in wind turbine installation and handling components, Liebherr said.

To extend the boom there is a swing-away jib, 12.2 to 22.2 m long, which can be lengthened with two 7 m lattice sections. In addition, a 7 m lattice section can be fitted between the telescopic boom and the swing-away jib. It raises the connection point of the jib and can be luffed by up to 45 degrees. An option is hydraulic adjustment for the jib where, under full load, the jib can be moved up to 45 degrees. Existing equipment from the 220 tonne LTM can be used with the new crawler crane.

Its undercarriage can be hydraulically telescoped out from the crawler carrier width of 4.5 m to an intermediate 5.88 m or to the maximum 7.25 m. On uneven ground operation is possible with side inclination up to 4 degrees, Liebherr said.

The basic machine, with crawler frames and 1 m wide tracks, weighs about 90 tonnes and is 5.01 m wide. Without crawlers weight is about 54 tonnes, including the jack-up cylinders and transverse beams. Width is then 3 m and it is 3.2 m tall. By removing the transverse beams weight is further reduced, to about 47 tonnes. The crane can assemble itself without an auxiliary crane.

Power is from a 230 kW seven cylinder inline diesel engine. Line pull on the hoist winches is 105 kN for fast operation.

Liebherr's latest joins the LTR 1060 with a load capacity of 60 tonnes, the 100 tonne capacity LTR 1100, and the 1,200 tonne capacity LTR 11200.

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