Liebherr launches all-electric handler

By Chris Sleight11 March 2011

Liebherr has taken the wraps off its ER 934 C, an electric-powered materials handler that it describes as being 'semi stationary'. The 38 tonne machine has a maximum working radius of 15.5 m and can lift loads of up to 3.3 tonnes.

The 38 tonne machine is powered by a 160 kW electric motor. Liebherr says core costs for electric machines are lower than those with diesel engines of a similar output, and there are obvious advantages in lower noise, emissions and dust. There are also fewer maintenance requirements with electric machines, and Liebherr also says that the electric drive makes for higher performance and faster work cycles

The fact that the handler has a cable attached obviously limits its how much and how far it can be moved, but the machine is still mobile. Hence, Liebherr's description of the machine being 'semi stationary.' A cable guide and extra cable drum are available as an option to help prevent damage when the ER 934 C is moved.

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