Liebherr launches L1 series fast erecting tower crane

By Alex Dahm26 January 2016

Liebherr's new L1 series bottom slewing hydraulic fast erecting cranes on show at the Pamplona facto

Liebherr's new L1 series bottom slewing hydraulic fast erecting cranes on show at the Pamplona factory in Spain, late 2015

A new series of hydraulic fast erecting tower cranes has been announced by manufacturer Liebherr. The new L1 series will be the company’s smallest bottom-slewing tower cranes.

In some ways, including the name, the new L1 recalls the first crane made by company founder Hans Liebherr in 1949. Features include improved ergonomics, good access for erection and maintenance work and a modern, attractive design, the company said. L1 will gradually replace the existing H series of cranes.

First in the series is the 2.5 tonne capacity L1-24, available with a maximum radius of either 25 or 27 metres. Capacity at the end of the jib will be 950 or 800 kg. Hook height is 19 or 19.2 m with the jib horizontal. A 20 degree inclination will increase this height to 25.7 and 26.5 m where capacity is given as 900 and 750 kg.

The slewing radius is 1.9 m and a flexible support base allows the crane's footprint to be reduced to less than 4 m. It means that there is often no need to close roads, Liebherr said. For control there is the Micromove fine positioning mode, oscillation damping and an operating range limiting system.

Versions are available with a standard concrete ballast or a full steel ballast which can be carried on the crane, meaning no additional transport or erection cost.

Liebherr dealers in Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Switzerland will first present the L1 to the public on 11 March 2016. Exposure to a wider public audience will be at the Bauma 2016 exhibition in Munich, Germany, in April.

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