Liebherr reveals large flat top tower crane

By Alex Dahm02 February 2022

Yellow black and white flat top tower crane against a stormy sky Liebherr 470-EC-B flat top tower crane is available in 16 and 20 tonne versions

Manufacturer Liebherr has introduced the 470 EC-B flat top tower crane. It is available in 16 and 20 tonne capacity versions.

Maximum boom length is 80 metres but it can be increased by 3 metres with the addition of a jib extension. Capacity of the 16 tonne capacity version (on two falls of rope) is 3.2 tonnes at the end of the 80 metre boom where the 20 tonne version lifts 3 tonnes.

With the 3 metre extension the capacity is 2.4 tonnes on the 16 tonne version and 2.2 tonnes on the larger one. Boom length can be altered in 2.5 metre increments. The 16 tonne version can lift its maximum load out to a 31.9 metre radius and the 20 tonne version to a 24.4 metre radius, both in Load-Plus mode.

Hoist winch options include the 149 metres a minute 110 kW FU SD.shift, the 65 kW FU and the 65 kW FU SD.shift. The largest winch on the 20 tonne version can carry 368 metres of wire rope on six layers and the maximum lifting height is given as 226 metres. On the 16 tonne version with the same 110 kW winch it carries 276 metres of rope on four layers and offers a 145 metre maximum height of lift.

The new model can be mounted on either the 24 HC 420 or 24 HC 630 tower systems. Using the former a freestanding hook heigh of 67.8 metres can be achieved. On the latter 96 metres can be reached without ties. Both types of tower section are 2.45 x 2.45 metres.

To help with assembly the jib and counter jib are attached to the slewing platform using Liebherr quick connections.

For transport the slewing section with jib and counterweight can be moved in five truckloads, the manufacturer said. These EC-B models are designed to have a compact tower head with slewing gear, central switchgear and the complete slewing ring support all incorporated.

View of the operator screen and boom from the cabin Liebherr’s new 12 inch (305 mm) display screen of the Tower Crane Operating System (TC-OS)

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